What I Do

I teach others what I have learned to do with myself.

- Create a safe space where true nature can arise.
- Explore barriers to true nature with patience, compassion and curiosity.
- Experiment with whatever tools help the soul to relax and heal, so true nature can abide.


How I Do It

After decades of study and practice with gifted teachers from many different traditions around the world, I practice inviting true nature into my life and surrendering to it. I use tools from many different teachings within the following fields:

Spiritual traditions
Energy work
Body-mind trauma recovery
Conscious parenting
Tibetan medicine


My Energy Work

The work that I do involves learning about each person’s experience at the level of their energy body, which can be detected several inches above their physical body as well as throughout the physical form. It is a vibrating, pulsating energy field that can be measured and seen. Changes made to this field can positively affect our physical, mental, psychological and spiritual health.

Positive change can happen when a practitioner links to the Universal Energy Field, which benevolently surrounds us in particle and wave-like motion. This healing link allows energy to flow into the person in a manner specific to what is needed by the person that day. Each of us contains a discriminating intelligence inside that knows what to do with this pure energy coming in. So, in fact, each person heals himself or herself when connected to this healing force.

Another big part of my work is to help each person learn to experientially and deeply “sense” themselves -- from the inside out -- so they can connect with themselves on a very deep level during daily living. These two practices work together cumulatively to create more space inside us.

I give people additional tools to practice during the week that also encourage the development of more internal space and lightness. The work is approached from a place of curiosity, compassion, lightness and patience. The focus is on deep listening, watching to see what is there, so it can reveal information and transform at its own pace.