One of Diana's favorite ways of helping people is to create customized audios for their healing journey.

She often creates these as a regular part of her client work.

Now she is offering this service to a wider audience.

Here are the details:

What is the program

Personalized recordings to help you heal and grow. Diana creates a one-of-a-kind recording specifically for you based on what you are healing and growing in yourself.

How to order

First, you fill out the form below, providing name, email, phone number and any details about your audio request. Second, one of Diana's assistants will call you to get more details about the content of your audio. Third, Diana records the audio and sends it to you.

How many audios

It is possible to request more than one audio. A series of audios can be ordered.

How much does it cost

There is no set fee for this service. You may make a donation for each ordered audio.

How audios help

Many clients find customized audio recordings helpful as part of their overall healing plan. Audios offer a gentle, private reminder of who we really are inside and what we are trying to remember on our journey. Audios are not a replacement for therapy or crisis intervention.

Customized Healing Audio Request Form